Tiffany & Co was founded in 1837 by Charles Louis Tiffany and 2 partners as a stationery and luxury goods store located on Broadway in New York City. By 1853, Mr. Tiffany had assumed control of the company and had expanded into diamonds, fine jewelry and silver. In the late 19th century, Tiffany started hiring a string of artists that kept Tiffany designs on the cutting edge until the end of the 20th century. For some, their names are more well-known today than they were during their employment. Some of the designers who were employed by Tiffany were Edward C. Moore, Paulding Farnham, George Kunz, Jean Schlumberger, Donald Claflin, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, and more recntly, Frank Gehry. Tiffany & Co manufactures 60% of it's jewelry, and buys the rest from third parties, mostly outside the United States. Tiffany is now a publicly traded company with more than 165 storefronts worldwide and worldwide sales of $4 billion in 2013.