Born in New York City, Seaman Schepps opened his first jewelry shop in Los Angeles in 1904 and later opened a showroom in San Francisco called Virginia Studios, selling objets d'art and jewelry of his own design. Schepps eventually moved back to New York and opened a store on Madison Avenue.

From 1930 to the late 1950's Schepps sold to prestigious clientele included Coco Chanel, the Duchess of Windsor and Katharine Hepburn. It was during this time period that Schepps developed his signature pieces, including the Turbo Shell earrings. The Washington Post named him “America’s Court Jeweler” after he won commissions from some of the best known families of the period, including members of the Du Pont, Mellon and Rockefeller families.

After Schepps’ death in 1972, Patricia Schepps Vaill continued to make jewelry in her father’s style but also developed a new look in jewelry aimed at appealing to a younger clientele.

After twenty years at the helm of her father’s company, Vaill retired and passed the baton to Jay Bauer and Anthony Hopenhajm who have continued to produce jewelry in the unique Schepps style. The new owners opened shops in Palm Beach and Nantucket, bringing Schepps’ characteristic whimsy to a new generation of admirers.

Today the timeless designs of Seaman Schepps are drawn from an extensive archive and continue to attract socialites, movie stars, royalty and trend-setters. His designs have been memorialized in the book, “Seaman Schepps: A Century of New York Jewelry.”