1n 1827 Monsieur Rocher and his cousin Monsieur Jean-Baptiste Noury opened a jewelry business in Paris. By 1869 M. Noury had sole control and had caught the eye of a select Parisian clientele. His nephew, Georges Mauboussin, joined the firm in 1876 as an apprentice and assumed control in 1896. After contributing pieces in all of the major international exhibitions of the early 20th century, Mauboussin was awarded the Grand Prix at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Dècoratifs in Paris, and Georges Mauboussin was personally given the “Legion d'Honneur." The firm was soon extending and expanding with salons in South America, London and New York.

The NYC salon had its opening celebration on October 1, 1929. The economic crisis three weeks later proved the expansion plans could not have been more untimely, and it was not long before Mauboussin was forced to close all their branches. The New York store was sold to Trabert & Hoeffer, Inc. with an agreement that allowed Mauboussin to continue to sell its jewelry through the stores. This relationship lasted until the 1950’s. The jewelry sold under this business arrangement bears the maker's mark of  Trabert & Hoeffer - Mauboussin. Today, the Mauboussin firm is based in France and continues to make fine jewelry and watches.